Things To Do & See On The Way To Big Sky Montana

Big Sky Montana
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There are many incredible attractions, scenic routes, monuments, and communities to visit on your way to Big Sky as well as beautiful scenery to be seen along the way.

Bozeman, MT

Only 45 miles north of Big Sky, is Bozeman. As the fifth largest city in the State of Montana, Bozeman is in a great location for outdoor enthusiasts and also provides the amenities of a larger city.

Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson is the place for both summer and winter recreation. Home to three well known ski resorts, skiers flock to the area in the winter to enjoy the deep powder. Summer outdoor recreation is limitless in the area. Throw in the great western attitude and history and Jackson Hole is like no other place.

Billings, MT

The Old West and the New West collide in Billings. Visitors travel to Billings, MT to enjoy its culture, youth, adventure sport lifestyle, beautiful surroundings. The city is also in close proximity to breathtaking places like Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton National Parks.

Glacier National Park

Within its 1.4 million acres of wilderness, over 730 miles of maintained trails allow hikers and backpackers to see some most of Glacier's beauty. The diverse climates and wildlife of northern Montana create stunning scenery in Glacier National Park.

Grand Teton Park

Within its many canyons and around its numerous lakes, Grand Teton Nation Park offers spectacular hiking, camping, rock climbing, fishing, canoeing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and wildlife viewing.

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City is close to the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake putting it in an ideal location for great outdoor recreation. As a center for commerce and trade and the location of one of the busiest international airports in the west, the city itself has many cultural and historical attractions.

Sun Valley, ID

Perhaps, best known for its skiing, Sun Valley also has an array of nightlife, shopping and sightseeing opportunities. For visitors who want warm-weather alternatives, Sun Valley boasts first-class golf courses, hiking trails, camping and nature activities.

Beartooth Mountains

As the highest mountain range in Montana, the Beartooth Mountains have many permanent snow fields and a few glaciers. There are many opportunities for hiking and backpacking in the region.

Bighorn Mountains

The Cloud Peak Wilderness Area is found within the Bighorn Mountains. This huge wilderness area provides 189,000 acres of backpacking, sightseeing and hiking opportunities.

Bitterroot Mountains

The Bitterroot Mountains are enjoyable year round. From scenic drives through the forests and hills, to off road adventures to include cabin and lookout rentals, camping, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and downhill skiing , snowmobiling, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing in the winter.

Black Hills, SD

The mountains and forests of the Black Hills include six national parks and 101 miles of national scenic byways. There are waterfalls, wildlife, recreational trails, fishing and reminders of the Old West. The area also includes 70 attractions for individuals of all ages in the area.

Butte, MT

Butte is known for its mining history. Today, Butte still contains thousands of historic commercial and residential buildings from the boom times, which, especially in the Uptown section, give it a very old-fashioned appearance like a ghost town.

Craters of the Moon

"A weird and scenic landscape peculiar to itself" is how President Calvin Coolidge described Craters of the Moon when he established this National Monument in 1924. Craters of the Moon is perhaps the only officially "weird" park in the National Park System.

Helena, MT

In addition to its historical past and present, Helena is today a successful town that focuses on politics, education, culture, and recreation.

Idaho Falls, ID

Although it is a destination all in its own right, Idaho Falls, Idaho is also a great stopping point for those on long journeys, heading to the Upper Yellowstone region and Big Sky.

Little Bighorn Battlefield

Little Bighorn Battlefield is the site where U.S. soldiers where greatly defeated by a group of northern plains Indians who were trying to resist life on reservations. Known as Custer's Last Stand, this story has been shared in history classes, in books, and among friends and families around the country for years.

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