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Rent a snowmobile and hire a guide to lead you over hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails for adrenaline pumping rides and beautiful mountain views.

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Where can I go snowmobiling near Big Sky?

A number of outfitters in the area offer both guided tours and snowmobile rentals. We recommend going with a guide if you are unfamiliar with the sport or the area. If you head out on your own, here are a few nearby trails to explore:

  • Big Sky Snowmobile Trail
    This 123 mile trail links Bozeman (from Little Bear Creek) to West Yellowstone (at Grayling Creek). Portions of the trail are groomed and you can cut off at trailheads along the way, including Squaw Creek, Moose Creek, Buffalo Horn Creek, and Taylor Fork.
  • Buck Creek Ridge
    Just south of Big Sky, guided snowmobile tours offer trips up Buck Creek Ridge where you'll enjoy views of the Spanish Peaks and Lone Mountain.
  • West Yellowstone
    Known as a snowmobiling mecca, West Yellowstone has hundreds of groomed trails and wide open powder fields. Try a ride to Two Top Mountain for great views or head into Idaho via the Continental Divide Trail and explore the South Plateau Trail.
  • Yellowstone National Park
    Snowmobiles entering Yellowstone National Park must be part of a guided tour. Enjoy scenic vistas of thermal features and wildlife. A ride in the park is about scenery! If you are looking for speed and wide open powder fields, head to West Yellowstone, Island Park, or backcountry areas near Big Sky.

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