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Meadow Village

Meadow Village is simply a small "village" that makes up Big Sky. It's the first set of shops and restaurants that you'll reach after the turnoff from the main highway. Continue up the road to Town Center and to the end of the road at Big Sky Resort and Moonlight Basin.

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Why should I visit Meadow Village?

Set amidst the links at the Big Sky Golf Course, Meadow Village offers private home and condominium rentals and real estate opportunities, as well as essential goods such as a grocery store, post office, doctors' and dentists' offices, boutique shops, galleries, sports shops and restaurants. Step back in time at the nearby Crail Ranch.

Where is Meadow Village?

Turn off of US 191 onto Big Sky Spur Road as if heading up to Big Sky Resort. Only about a mile up the road you'll see a cluster of buildings and the Big Sky Golf Course. If you want to explore the village, simply park your car and stroll around the shops and restaurants.

What sort of services and amenities does Meadow Village offer?

Meadow Village offers a few lodging options like condos and vacation rentals. It also has a small grocery store, restaurants, a bank, and some shops.

What can I see and do in Meadow Village?

Crail Ranch
Explore some of the old buildings from a 1902 homestead. Tours are available on the weekends or you can explore anytime on your own.

Big Sky Golf Course
This 18 hole course is open to the public and offers outstanding views.

Lone Peak Brewery
Enjoy locally hand crafted beers on tap, with a nice selection of eats too.

Meadow Village is home to a few boutique shops. Stroll around and find something that strikes your fancy.

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